A Twenty-First Century Constitution for the UK

LSE Visiting Fellow Frank Vibert, a former advisor and fellow to the United Nations and World Bank, sets out a concise yet comprehensive vision for a written UK Constitution at a FLJS lecture at Wolfson College.

The proposed text, Mr Vibert argues, should derive its authority from the consent of the people; be short, clear and web connected; and address crucial issues of increasing importance in the twenty-first century such as privacy, gender equality, and intergenerational equity. 

Other key provisions set out in the proposed text include limits on both the size of the House of Parliament and on the number of terms that MPs can serve, as well as – crucially – that the people not Parliament shall be sovereign.

The lecture was delivered in response to Professor AC Grayling’s lecture on a UK Constitution in December last year, at which Mr Vibert acted as commentator.