A Twenty-First Century Constitution for the UK

LSE Visiting Fellow Frank Vibert, a former advisor and fellow to the United Nations and World Bank, sets out a concise yet comprehensive vision for a written UK Constitution at a FLJS lecture at Wolfson College.

The proposed text, Mr Vibert argues, should derive its authority from the consent of the people; be short, clear and web connected; and address crucial issues of increasing importance in the twenty-first century such as privacy, gender equality, and intergenerational equity. 

The Putney Debates 2018 - A Federal UK? The Pros and Cons

The Putney Debates 2018 were held on 2 February 2018 at St Mary's Church, Putney, to address the UK's constitutional future in the wake of the vote to leave the European Union.​ 


Session I: A Federal United Kingdom? The Pros and Cons

Denis GalliganOxford Socio-Legal Professor and Putney Debates convenor, Chairs the Debates