Parliamentary Sovereignty: History and People
The Oxford Putney Debates 2020: Panellists' Propositions, Debate 1

Join us for our first ever series of online debates on the subject of parliamentary sovereignty, hosted by the UK's leading legal commentator Joshua Rozenberg and the founder of the Oxford Putney Debates Prof Denis Galligan.

Each week from 21st October, we will release a video on featuring the views of our expert commentators on different aspects of parliamentary sovereignty, followed by a live, public webinar debate on the issues raised.

Watch the video to get all the details on future video release dates and how to take part in the live debates, then visit and Register on Zoom to take part.


Watch the first Panellist Proposition videos in the Oxford Putney Debates 2020 to accompany Debate 1, which will be livestreamed on Zoom at 4pm GMT on Wednesday 28th October.

Sionaidh Douglas-Scott, Denis Galligan, Vernon Bogdanor, and Richard Clary set out their opening arguments in advance of the Debate, to be chaired by Joshua Rozenberg.

Please watch the video and join us for the live debate at 16.00 GMT on Wednesday 28 October: Register Now at:

We look forward to seeing you then.