How can we protect personal data while safeguarding business innovation?

18 February 2015
The conundrum of facilitating both innovative business activity through the internet while also protecting personal data formed the core theme of this workshop organized by the Oxford Regulation Discussion Group. The workshop, which was supported by Macquarie University and the Foundation for Law, Justice and Society, convened thirty-five workshop participants, including speakers from legal practice, academia, regulators—such as the Information Commissioner’s Officeand industrysuch as the UK Internet Advertising Bureau.
Issues discussed included the merits of co- and self-regulation, how personal data are actually used in advertising practices, and the challenges to European Union and national approaches to personal data protection raised by globalizing internet businesses. 
In his keynote address, Prof. Christopher Kuner from the University of Copenhagen highlighted problems posed by cloud technology to the legal regulation of transborder data flows, and the problematic interface between human rights and information law. The workshop was organized by Dr Bettina Lange of the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, Dr Asma Vranaki of Queen Mary University London, and Hui Xui.