Is there still a ‘right’ to water? Roundtable: Developing research agendas in water stewardship

Economic Rights and Regulatory Regimes
Dr Bettina Lange, CSLS, Oxford University
Ronan Palmer, Chief Economist, Environment Agency for England
Paul Hammett, Senior Policy Adviser, National Farmers Union
Professor Bill Howarth, Kent Law School
Dr Mark Shepheard, McGill University, Canada

A roundtable discussion with senior economists and policy advisors at the Environment Agency and National Farmers Union to identify key trends, reforms, and recommendations for future developments in water stewardship.
Climate change, through more severe weather events, including both droughts and floods, is making water resource management ever more difficult. This panel discussion assesses whether and how farmers’ rights to access and use water in England are changing in the light of the transformed environmental policy context.