Monday, 28 June 2010 - 1:00am


Summer School 2010

Professor Ric Sheffield with students
28 June-9 July 2010

The second FLJS summer school saw 17 students from the US, South America, Eastern Europe and the UK invited to Oxford for a two-week course of tutorials on 'Law in Contemporary Society’ over June and July 2010.

The cross-disciplinary programme included modules on athropological approaches to law, constitutionalism, courts and socio-economic rights, and transitional justice.

Visits to Gray's Inn, the High Court, and Blenheim Palace contributed to the cultural experience. A full programme for the two weeks can be seen on the right.

The students are currently engaged in a period of follow-up study, details of which are shown below:

Christine Bonomo, "Women in the Law Codes of Reconquest Spain"

Jessica Goley, "From Temporary Charters to 'Too Big to Fail:' The Social and Legal Causes of Corporate Growth in America"

Quentin Karpilow, "The Unintended Consequences of U.S. Law: The Role of U.S. Anti-Gang and Immigration Legislation in the Evolution of the Mara Salvatrucha Street Gang"

Gavin McGimpsey, "Defending Creators' Incentive: Legal Reponses to a Culture of Infringement"

Lukas Moe, "Global Climate Governance and the Role of NGOs"

Robert Wallace, "Status Crime: Re-emerging Issues in the Law"

John Ryan, "Comparative Constitutions and Positive Rights:  South Africa and the U.S.

Dahoud Aska, "Does Judicial Supremacy Matter? U.S./U.K. comparison of enemy detention during national security crises"

Leora Cohen, "What is Law? Religious and secular law in the case of orthodox judaism in New Jersey courts"

Jason Moreira, "Education and the Law: Do court decisions matter for educational equity?"

Joe Geswelli, "International Law, the Geneva Convention and Contemporary Warfare"

Maria Mian, "Law and Social Change: race, law and inequality in the U.S."

Marisa N. Fassi, "Dealing with the Margins of the Law: Adult Sex Workers’ Resistance in Everyday Life"
Stanislaw Golebiowski, "The Limits and Potential of Law in Shaping Social Perceptions: a case study of same sex partnership legalization in Poland"