08:45 to 20:00
End date
10 January 2013
Examination Schools, High Street, Oxford
Thursday, 10 January 2013 - 8:45am to 8:00pm


SAD Cases in the Coroners' Courts

Examining Definitions, Evidence, Rights and Procedures in Sudden Adult Death Inquests

Convenors: Dr Rebecca Money-Kyrle and Sonia Macleod, Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, Oxford; and Dr Andrew Money-Kyrle (consultant cardiologist, Bucks NHS Trust and John Radcliffe Hospital).
There is little consistency between medical, pathology, scientific and legal experts about definitions, evidence and statistics concerning cardiomyopathies associated with sudden adult death.
This one-day conference will explore cross-disciplinary perspectives on definitions, evidence, verdicts, and conflicting rights of family members raised by coronial investigations of SAD cases. Coroners, practicing and academic lawyers, geneticists, pathologists and cardiologists will be amongst the speakers.
Delegates will be invited to Trinity College, Oxford, in the early evening, for a drinks reception, and lecture by Michael J C Burgess OBE, Coroner of The Queen's Household and Legal Secretary of the Coroners' Society of England and Wales. The lecture will be followed by a dinner in hall at Trinity College.
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