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09:00 to 17:15
End date
11 February 2015
Haldane Room, Wolfson College, Oxford, OX2 6UD

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Wednesday, 11 February 2015 - 9:00am to 5:15pm


Patent Policy in Genomics and Human Genetics: A Public Health Perspective

This workshop, convened by Dr Katerina Sideri, will bring together academics and practitioners to examine the issue of patent governance in the public interest.
The debate will be centred on four themes: the need to improve the quality of patents issued, gene patents and genetic testing, university licensing of patents, and the relationship between scientific commons and proprietary assets in research collaborations.  
The full programme and participant details can be downloaded from beneath the registration form on the right.

Participants include:

Dr Julian Cockbain, Consultant, European patent attorney

Prof Ingrid Schneider, University of Hamburg/Germany
Dr Stuart Hogarth, Kings College, University of London 
Dr Michael Hopkins, University of Sussex/SPRU
Dr Harry Thangaraj, Director, Access to Pharmaceuticals Project, St George’s University London
Dr Adam Stoten, Head of Technology Transfer, Life Sciences
Dr Javier Lezaun, Insis, University of Oxford 
Dr Wenhwa Lee, Structural Genomics Consortium, Oxford
Prof Graham Dutfield, University of Leeds
Prof Ingrid Sterkcx, University of Ghent/Brussels
Dr Mark Bale, Deputy Head, Health Science and Bioethics, Department of Health; Deputy Chief Scientific Adviser, Department of Health, UK