17:30 to 18:30
End date
18 September 2013
Jay Heritage Center, 210 Boston Post Rd. Rye, New York 10580
Wednesday, 18 September 2013 - 5:30pm to 6:30pm


On the Nature of Constitutions

Lecture by Akhil Reed Amar, Professor of Law, Yale University
Noted legal scholar, author and Yale Law School Professor Akhil Reed Amar gives this keynote speech to commemorate Constitution Week and launch an academic conference titled Populism and Constitutions
Professor Amar, considered one of the leading contemporary legal thinkers, will address the nature of constitutions, exploring how ideas about constitutions have changed and developed, and how they might look in the future. 
The lecture will cover themes addressed in his acclaimed recent book America's Unwritten Constitution, in which he argues that America’s foundational document cannot be understood in textual isolation; rather, it requires consideration of factors including the precedents set by early presidents and Congresses, common practices of modern American citizens, and venerable judicial decisions.
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Praise for America's Unwritten Constitution

Akhil Reed Amar aims high and has produced a masterful, readable book that constitutes one of the best, most creative treatments of the U.S. Constitution in decades
Washington Post
Akhil Reed Amar is a rarity: a progressive law professor who is unafraid of the text of the Constitution…. He is masterfully creative in finding overarching themes that tie the disparate clauses together in novel and sometimes counterintuitive ways…. A highly engaging and thought-provoking book.
Wall Street Journal