Law, Film, and Literature

Programme Synopsis
A new programme to study the connections between law, film, and literature; and to question to what degree literature can enrich our understanding of the role of law in society. 
None other than the late Ronald Dworkin claimed that our understanding of law can be improved by comparing legal interpretation with literary interpretation. Through analysis of the legal thought of writers such as Shakespeare, Dickens, Kafka, Camus, and Dostoyevsky, the programme will explore this claim, to assess how literary texts and their authors enrich our understanding of the human condition and the role of law in relation to it. 
Incorporating issues of film, censorship, and free expression in developing countries, the programme will deliver a distinctly multidisciplinary perspective, offering opportunities for collaboration with the Cardozo School of Law, NY, and other leading institutions in the field.


Lawyers would do well to study literary and other forms of artistic interpretation
Ronald Dworkin