FLJS Researchers launch Oxford One Belt One Road Programme to study New Silk Road

19 September 2017

FLJS Programme Director and Research Fellow Professor Denis Galligan and Dr Ying Yu opened the One Belt One Road Summit to launch the University of Oxford One Belt One Road Programme to an audience of over 100 delegates at the Oxford Law Faculty last week.

The programme is intended to study the common legal, socio-legal, regulatory, and framework issues concerning the implementation of the New Silk Road initiative by the government of China, an ambitious international infrastructure project that will transform trading and other relations between Asia, Africa, and Europe by reviving and extending the ancient Silk Road trade routes.

Professor Galligan said that if the Belt and Road Initiative was going to work and achieve its objectives, it needed a legal framework that would account for its international scope.

"In order to create infrastructure, common laws and regulations, institutions that are inherently cross-border, you need a legal framework, you need some common standards, laws on specific issues, such as banking finance or investment," he said. "On the softer side, think of cultural property, you need laws regulating exchange and protection of cultural property."

Professor Galligan also observed that regulatory bodies, adjudication, and dispute resolution mechanisms would be equally important, given the transnational nature of the initiative.

The summit examined the initiative from the perspectives of law and regulation, business, consumer rights, cultural heritage, art, and media, and attracted experts, scholars, and officials from countries as diverse as Belgium, Britain, Canada, China, Japan, and the United States.