FLJS in the press

Articles on the Foundation and its activities
UK riots: sentencing council to discuss 'harsh' prison terms
The Guardian, 18 August 2011
Phone-hacking inquiry: who will judge the police?
The Guardian, 11 July 2011
The role of courts in a democracy
Socio-Legal Newsletter, No. 64, Summer 2011
UK on the Road to Cheaper Litigation
LexisNexis UK Legal News Analysis, 7 October 2010
Legal aid cuts are inevitable in renegotation of the social contract
The Guardian, 11 July 2010
Politicizing law, judicializing politics
Socio-Legal Newsletter, No. 61, Summer 2010
News from the Foundation for Law, Justice and Society
Oxford Law News 2009/10, p. 17
A lesson in proportionality and rights
The Guardian, 4 June 2009
An intensive focus on law in store for Rutgers undergraduates at Oxford
Rutgers University Focus magazine, 13 May 2009
Couples with children outside wedlock 'should be married by the State'
The Daily Telegraph, 30 April 2009
Can International Courts Do Justice?
Socio-Legal Newsletter, No. 57, Spring 2009

News from the Foundation for Law, Justice and Society
Oxford Law News, Winter 2008/9

Crisis and the Courts
The Aspen Idea, Winter 2008-09
House of Lords hosts 'Rule of Law in China' symposium
China Review issue 45, December 2008
One China, Many Systems
The Scotsman, 13 October 2008
Chief Justice of South Africa Talks on Constitution and Socio-Economic Rights
Law and Society Association article, 31 July 2008
Brief Encounters
Johsua Rozenberg's column in The Daily Telegraph, 9 July 2008
Is China trapped in transition?
China Elections and Governance article, 9 January 2008
Is China Trapped in Transition? Implications for Future Reforms
China Digital Times article, 8 January 2008
Who Decides Social Rights Policy?
The Aspen Institute magazine, Winter 2007/2008
Foundation for Law, Justice and Society Annual Lecture
Oxford Law News, Winter 2007
Report on the Foundation for Law, Justice and Society conference on Income Support
Citizen's Income newsletter, December 2007
Will the Right Basic Income Please Stand Up?
BIEN Newsflash 48, November 2007
Foundation for Law, Justice and Society Conference on Income Support
Law and Society Association newsletter, November 2007

Lord Raymond Plant joins the Foundation's Board of Directors
Socio-Legal Studies Association article, June 2007