FLJS launches research cluster in Law, Justice and Society at Wolfson College

02 March 2012

The Foundation for Law, Justice and Society is pleased to announce the inauguration of the Law, Justice and Society Research Cluster at Wolfson College. By enabling collaboration between the Foundation and the College and strengthening the existing association with the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, the cluster will become known as a major centre for the study of law, justice and society in Oxford.

The new cluster will be under the academic direction of Professor Denis Galligan, Professor of Socio-Legal Studies, Member of the FLJS Board of Trustees, and Fellow of Wolfson College, who will work alongside the FLJS Founding President John W. Adams, Wolfson Fellows, and FLJS staff to study the role of law in society at national, regional, and international levels, and explore the interconnections between law, economics, politics, and society.

The Law, Justice and Society research cluster will join several other research clusters recently created under the guidance of the College's President, Professor Hermione Lee. The clusters draw on the outstanding scholarly strengths and interests within the College to foster innovative approaches to interdisciplinary research.

A major aim of the cluster will be to make research on issues of contemporary interest and importance accessible to a wider audience, and to involve the professional, business, and political sectors in its work.

The cluster will also encourage association with members of the College whose interests include or overlap with issues of law, justice, and society. In addition to developing its programme of workshops and conferences, the Foundation will make use of the cluster to encourage research and will work with the College to attract funding.

An inaugural event will take place at Wolfson College on Thursday 19th April at 5.30 pm to consider the subject:

Europe on the Brink? Economic, Political, and Constitutional Issues

This panel discussion will feature the perspectives of the Honorary Director-General of the European Commission, a former Senior Economic Adviser to the EC, as well as leading political scientists and constitutional experts. The panellists will present their insights into the unfolding events in Europe and consider the implications for future socio-economic, political and constitutional relations, before the debate is opened up for general discussion.

If you would like to participate in the cluster's activities or would like more information, please contact Professor Denis Galligan or Phil Dines.