Dr Ying Yu addresses UN expert consultation meeting on consumer protection

Dr Ying Yu addresses consumer concerns at UN expert consultation meeting

03 December 2018

On 29 November, FLJS Research Fellow Dr Ying Yu addressed escalating consumer concerns at the United Nations Expert Group Meeting on Consumer Protection in Geneva, Switzerland. During the meeting, entitled 'Emerging Consumer Protection Trends: Implementing the United Nations Guidelines for Consumer Protection', Dr Yu outlined the most pressing concerns and proposed remedies to improve the current risky environment for consumers who buy and sell goods and services across borders in the e-commerce and digital marketplace.

One of the main issues for discussion was the variability of laws among international jurisdictions and the difficulties consumers face in acquiring the necessary knowledge about foreign laws and how those apply to cross-border transactions. Dr Yu invited feedback from other experts on several pertinent questions, including how to enhance consumers' understanding of the types of access to justice that are available to them, and identifying the appropriate dispute resolution schemes.

The event, organised by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, sought expert input on the current consumer protection trends and challenges in policymaking and in the digital economy. The findings from the meeting will feed into the preparations for the Eighth United Nations Conference to Review All Aspects of the Multilaterally Agreed Principles and Rules for the Control of Restrictive Business Practices to take place in 2020.

Dr Yu is a Research Fellow of Law, Justice and Society at the University of Oxford and the Director of the China Programme of the Foundation for Law, Justice and Society. She also runs the Consumer Rights Beyond Boundaries programme based in Oxford's Law Faculty, and is Deputy Director of the Faculty's Oxford One Belt One Road (OBOR) programme.