China Symposium at the House of Lords

29 October 2008

The Foundation's Rule of Law in China programme was brought to an auspicious conclusion with a symposium at the House of Lords on Monday 27 October.

The event was opened by John W. Adams, the Chairman of the Foundation, and Lord Plant of Highfield.

The panel also consisted of the China Programme Director and Professor of Law at La Trobe University Randall Peerenboom; Denis Galligan, Professor of Socio-Legal Studies at Oxford University; and Tom Ginsberg, Professor of Law at Chicago University.

Professor Peerenboom provided an overview of the programme and discussed possible areas of further study, before Professor Ginsberg delivered a critical analysis of the publications. Professor Galligan then concluded the presentations with his perspective, which placed the achievements of the programme in a broader socio-legal context.

The event was attended by several senior figures in the field, including Lord Geoffrey Howe of Aberavon, former Chancellor of the Exchequer and President of the Great Britain China Centre. Lord Howe remarked that the programme's policy briefs and reports showed a 'sophistication of analysis that is immensely impressive'.

Further details of the event including the programme and participants are available at

A full report of the event appeared in the Great Britain China Centre's China Review and can be viewed here.