Amir Paz-Fuchs

FLJS Fellow

Amir is Professor of Law and Social Justice at the University of Sussex.

Following his LL.B. at the Hebrew University School of the Law (magna cum laude), Amir finished his D.Phil at Oxford University. He then returned to Israel where he taught courses in labour and employment law, jurisprudence, social rights and social justice, and legal aspects of privatisation. In addition, he continued to lead two research programmes: The Social Contract Revisited and the Modern Welfare State with the Foundation for Law, Justice and Society; and the 'The Limits of Privatization', at the Van Leer Institute in Jerusalem. Amir also served on the board of several human rights and social justice NGOs. 

As Director of Sussex Clinical Legal Education (SCLE), Amir set up links with members of the legal profession who provide guidance and supervision to students in the seven clinics and projects: Employment Law, Family Law, Housing and Welfare, Citizens Advice, Criminal Law and Migration and Asylum Law. In addition, as part of the same initiative, SCLE established strong links with Citizens Advice branches across Central and South Sussex, and in Brighton. Students act as gateway advisors within the branch, and Amir personally took on the role of Employment Specialist at Citizens Advice. 

Amir has published widely, including a monograph – Welfare to Work: Conditional Rights in Social Policy (OUP, 2008) and two edited collection on privatisation and state responsibility (Van Leer, 2015; Palgrave, 2018). He has also published academic articles and chapters in collected volumes, including the Modern Law Review, Oxford Journal of Legal Studies, Human Rights Law Journal, Comparative Labour Law and Policy, Berkeley Journal of International Law. His research interests include agency work, workfare, legal realism, modern slavery, employment and land law in Israeli settlements, and privatisation.

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