The Advantages of Consumer ADR in Europe

Keynote Speech
Jacqueline Minor, Head of Representation for the European Commission in the UK

Head of Representation of the European Commission in the United Kingdom Jacqueline Minor sets out a new vision for consumer dispute resolution across Europe, arguing that the failure to tackle unresolved disputes between consumers and business costs the UK tax payer 0.4% of GDP.
These comments constitute her Keynote Speech at the First Annual Oxford conference on Consumer Disputer Resolution organized by the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies in association with the Foundation for Law, Justice and Society.
She argues that alternative forms of redress could help empower consumers and produce a vibrant, well-functioning market, and, along with consumer education and competition policy, forms part of the toolkit for policymakers in addressing this issue.
Describing the extensive evidence-based research conducted through surveys in consumer markets, she demonstrated that unsatisfactorily resolved disputes cost consumers and business 0.4% of GDP in the UK. “This 0.4% could have been redistributed to responsible businesses, rather than into the pockets of businesses who had, in some way or another, failed their customers.”