Our programmes

FLJS studies the role of law in society by exploring the relations between law, economics, politics, and society through a range of contemporary issues.
We bring together the world's top thinkers in a uniquely international and interdisciplinary approach, of relevance to policymakers, executives, legal professionals, and academics alike.

Our programmes

Courts and the Making of Public Policy

A critical assessment of the role of courts in the public policymaking process, their level of influence, and the legitimacy of their involvement.

European Civil Justice Systems

Covering issues including alternative dispute resolution and legal aid, an examination of the principles and procedures that should, or do apply within European civil justice systems.

The Social and Political Foundations of Constitutions

The study of constitutions and constitutionalism in their social context, emphasizing their character, goals, and socio-economic and political factors.

Regulation, Law, and Governance

Addressing issues of accountability and identifying measures for future reform of regulatory regimes and the markets in which they operate.

Development and the Implications for Law, Justice, and Society

Assessing the interaction between law and socio-economic development, democracy, and human rights.

Law, Film, and Literature

Incorporating issues of film, censorship, and free expression in developing countries, through a comparative approach to legal and literary interpretation.

Contemporary Issues

A collection of analysis of socio-legal issues confronting pracitioners and policymakers today.

Past programmes

Previous research into rule of law in China and the social contract.