That's the interest of the Putney Debates ... we can draw from debates that occurred long before we were born things that are relevant to us and our grandchildren.

Tony Benn, politician and writer



Transporting …. Shimmering ... Golden Kingdom is a more intimate appreciation of Buddhism than Martin Scorsese’s rapturous “Kundun" or Bernardo Bertolucci’s “Little Buddha". 


Guy Lodge, Variety


Without civic engagement, it is difficult to see how 'constitutional patriotism’ might emerge, and how populist constitutionalism may be defeated or at least curtailed.


Paul Blokker, sociologist and expert on populism and constitutional politics



Aside from Uber’s anticompetitive practices, it is known for a lack of due care of the precarious working conditions of its drivers.


Drs Xue, Chung, and Yu, Policy Brief authors

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